About Us
   For 30 years, Eastonfab has manufactured intricately and exported premium denim and denim jeans for worldwide distribution under leading famous brands.
   In the fast changing world of denim, we are not only manufacture jeans for other companies but also to develop and innovate the exceptional premium jeans with our own brand, Dash, Daisy and Rebel.
   We quickly earned highly reputation and remarkable track record in the denim market. We produce and operate our own product facilities, with a massive output capacity of over 100,000 pieces per month.
   With our talented designer team create unique cutting unique, style embroideries and a variety of washes and designs in order to pursuit of trendsetter. Moreover, our premium jeans still offered a very competitive price that you’ll never be obsolete.
   That’s why we truly committed to create a real lifestyle denim jean that always goes beyond expectations.